Hatherley Park is 80 this year!

Hello everyone.

You may have seen us at the Easter Egg Hunt this last month, which was a rip roaring success. Thank you so much for coming along and making the day wonderful.

Just a couple of things to let you know about, coming up soon…

  1. We have a Plant and Book Sale this weekend .. Saturday 11th May from 10am to 12 midday. We’ll have plants and cake and some clay pots, so come along and see us.
  2. The AGM is Tuesday 14th May at St Stephen’s Church meeting room at the rear of the church.  The business overview takes about 30 minutes. Come along at 7pm for drinks and cakes.  Here’s the Agenda for your review before the meeting.
  3. Tree Walk with Chris Chavasse, the tree officer for Cheltenham Borough Council. This will take place on Wednesday 12th June at 5.30pm for about 90 minutes. Chris will talk about our beautiful trees and we’ll record all the names in order to label them for all park users. There’s always tree information on the board by the lake.

Hatherley Park is 80 … Summer Event

Over the next few weeks we’ll be busy in the park preparing for the Hatherley Park 80th Birthday celebration, and we’ll need your help to make that a fitting remembrance of the fun and enjoyment the park has brought to you over the years.

You can help us by downloading the Birthday Card and Questionnaire HERE and letting us know how you feel about the Park, what your fond memories are and by drawing us a picture of something that reminds you of the park.  All submissions welcome. We’ll use the drawings to make a display at the event.  

Thanks for your support and for making Hatherley Park a wonderful place to be.

Friends of Hatherley Park

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