Easter Egg Hunt 2018

The Easter Egg Hunt is back this weekend… Saturday 31st March.

Easter Egg Hunt 2018

Get those bunny ears ready!



Spring is on the way

Coming soon…..Spring is on the way.

We’ve all been hiding away a little in the last few days, keeping warm and protecting ourselves from the elements.  Looks like our flowers and bulbs have been doing the same in the park, struggling to survive underneath inches of snow and freezing temperatures.  Over the next few days and weeks, keep an eye out for the Spring flowers slowly blossoming, stretching out their leaves to welcome the sun and reaching their heads to the the sky.  Here are a few plants to look out for…Spring in the Park

Print these photos and look for the plants in the park.

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Friends of Hatherley Park Annual General Meeting

The Friends of Hatherley Park Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 25th February 2015 at 7.30pm at St. Stephen’s Meeting Room, St. Stephen’s Church, Cheltenham.

There will be refreshments served from 7:00pm, please join us and be a part of making future plans for the park.

The meeting room is at the rear of the church, approached from the side door on the right hand side of the church from St. Stephen’s Road. If you have an queries or would like further details about the meeting please contact Lorna Robson on 01242 242996


Hatherley Park News

Recently we were successful in gaining a Community Pride award 2013/14 for the park and we have been awarded a grant from Cheltenham Borough Council to cover half the cost of a picnic bench, which will be located near the toddler play area, there will also be a bench to replace the carved log.

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In spring 2014 an oval bed of a wild flower mix called “Old Comrades Mix” will be sown close to the pavilion in and include Flanders poppies, Bishops flower, red flax. The new beds along with the new table and bench will all be ready for our third Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 19th April 2014. The Mayor has agreed to join our celebrations and be a part of the 75th Anniversary of the opening of the Park.  We would like to put on a display of photographs and personal memories of the park, so if you have anything to share, please let us know.

Another date for the diary in the new year, the Friends of Hatherley Park AGM will be held on Monday 24th February in the meeting room in St Stephen’s Church and will start at 7:00pm and close at 8:00pm. Your support, contributions and ideas are always welcomed, so please come along.

Finally back to 2013, watch out for notices in the park and email about our annual Leaf Sweep. We’ll let you know the date and time. We’d love as many people as possible to come along and help – bring along a rake to help out!

A New Swing for Hatherley Park

Friends of Hatherley Park were thrilled when the new pod swing was installed in July, just in time for our Summer Picnic in the Park.

The Friends applied for a Community Pride Award from Cheltenham Borough Council in September 2012 to cover half the cost of the installation of the swing and the cost of the safety matting. The balance was met with funds from Friends’ subscription and donations.

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The swing has been very popular with children of all ages. It is actually quite rare to see it not being used, usually there is a queue waiting for a turn and I should imagine that lots of new friendships have been made as children climb into the pod and others push as hard as they can!

The Cornus Bed in Hatherley Park

Shrubs for the Cornus Bed Project were purchased last year, but we were unable to carry out any work because we had such bad weather during April and October last year-the two months for successfully planting shrubs. So in April 2013, five Friends met, dug and weeded the area, later in the week planted thirty shrubs and then used the well composted bark to mulch the plot.

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There are four different varieties, so there will be green, black, dark red and red/pink/orange stems to enjoy in the winter months. Cornus are hardy shrubs and hopefully will soon establish themselves and put on new growth.